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NSE :: National Stock Exchange of India Limited <<< Unlisted Share



Website: https://www.nseindia.com

National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSEIL) operates as a stock exchange that provides an automated screen-based trading system in India. The company offers a range of products and services such as equities, indices, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, initial public offerings, offers for sale, institutional placement programs, security lending and borrowing schemes; and sovereign gold bonds schemes; derivatives such as equity and currency derivatives; and interest rate futures. NSEIL also provides trading facilities for a range of debt instruments, including government securities, treasury bills and bonds such as floating rate bonds, zero coupon bonds, commercial papers, certificate of deposits, corporate debentures and state government loans issued by public sector undertakings/corporates/banks; SLR and non-SLR bonds issued by financial institutions and units of mutual funds; and securitized debt by banks.

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