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  • 2nd Lartest Company in Discount Broking
  • Zero Brokerage in all segment
  • Flat Rs. 20/- per trade


Well, I know everything about this course. As I am the curator of this course :-)

You can see the course details here - A complete course on the Indian Stock Market

And, I would like to write everything about this course here on quora. So, I have asked the question myself.

First thing first, the story behind this course creation.

The story behind the course

I became a father for the second time in November 2018. My wife got six months of maternity leave. But, I went for almost a year-long vacation :-) As an entrepreneur, I had this liberty.

Raised by a Mathematics professor (my father), I always wanted to achieve one thing in my life. Respect. Respect of lot people.

During my growing years, I would see almost every day, student or group of students visiting our house — touching feet of my father for his blessings before asking their doubts or taking any advice.

But, I never wanted to become a teacher. Or let's say, I never wanted to make teaching as my profession or mean to earn my bread.

I was good at Math (Again, thanks to my father). But, business, money and stock market was my passion. In CBSE board, class 9th, there was a chapter on Shares and Dividend. I somehow knew this chapter was going to be my future.

Moving fast forward...

I joined BITS, Pilani in 2001and graduated in 2006. Later worked in Industry for almost nine years and then quit as AVP from Barclay capital. Previously, I also worked for Morgan Stanley, RBS and Polaris Software Lab limited.

In 2014, when I quit from a regular job and ended my career with corporates. I was thirty years old then and had planned for it long back. (Semi-retirement at 30).

I just had one plan. And, the plan was to change the world :-)

But, I knew, I had limitations. To make a change, I should have resources to back my thoughts and actions.

One of the thing what I wanted to change was the perception of the Stock Market in India. It is perceived as gambling here. On one side, you hear people making tons of money in Investment banks dealing with the stock market jobs.

And on the other side, you would hear stories of common people losing their everything gambling in stocks.

And, I always knew the difference. Coming from an investment banking background, I knew dark secrets as well.


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